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Vacuum Forming

Types of Plastics


Vacuum Forming Service 12"x12"

Vacuum Forming for Inventors / Small Businesses

Prototypes for Testing
Clamshell / Blister Packaging
Custom Plastic Parts
Small Production Runs

Scale Model Hobbies

RC Car Body
Slot Car Body
Model Airplane Canopy / Turret
Model Rocket Nose Cone

Custom Molds for Casting

Candy Molds / Chocolate Molds
Soap Molds, Candle Molds, Crafts
Concrete Molds / Plaster Molds
Casting Molds and Mother Molds

Movie Props / Theater Props

Custom Masks
Costumes and Accessories
Weapons and Armor
Prosthesis for Special Effects

What Materials Can You Use to Make Vacuum Forming Molds / Models?
Molds can be made out of any material that will not deform under vacuum pressure: wood, metal, plastic, plaster, and clay are all good choices.
Choose a material that is easy to work with using the tools at your disposal.
We can create a Master Mold for you $35 an hour, contact us for info.

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