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Heat Transfers

Let Expressyourselftx print your transfers for you.

Heat Transfer Service

Inkjet transfers:

    JetMPrints™ Opaque is a single step transfer paper for making inkjet transfers on dark colored fabrics. This all-in-one product features an economical price, reliable application, excellent photo and graphic reproduction, and outstanding washability.

    Jet-Trans silver Cold Peel paper for hobbyist or crafter to be used with press or hand iron

    Neenah® 3G JET-OPAQUE™, for dark garments.

    Neenah® JetPro™ SofStretch INK JET Transfer Paper. Choose garments that have a tight weave.

    Elasti-Jet . Elastic emulsion layer stretches with the garment, providing a softer "feel" and eliminating image cracking. For white and light colors.

    JetMPrints™ Ink Jet Transfer For white or light colored fabrics: 100% cotton and polyester/cotton blends.

    JetMPrints™ OPAQUE

    JetMPrints OPAQUE Transfer Paper, JetMPrints™ OPAQUE is a "single step" transfer paper for dark colored fabrics.

Sublimation transfers:

    DyeTrans general purpose sublimation paper works on everything except textured glass cutting boards, coasters and textured-faced clocks.

    This paper is recommended primarily for hard things such as FRP, hardboard and metal.

    This is a good paper for start-ups as this frees the newcomer of trying to remember which paper to use. DyeTrans Multi-Purpose is cheaper and more forgiving in offering wide dwell time windows and helping to prevent ghosting.

    Beaver TexPrintXP-HR Multi-Purpose Cut Sheet

    Beaver TexPrintXP™ -HR Paper is a semi-high release paper that works on everything except some ceramic mugs. Recommended for soft things such as shirts and products made from mousepad material. While this paper will work on hard substrates, the extra ink release is wasted on them and could cause an over saturation of the image should transfer parameters (time/temp/pressure) arenít just right. Note that this paper will work fine on glass.

    Although TexPrint is an across the board compatible paper, it is recommended you compare a DyeTrans Multi-Purpose transfer to a TexPrint transfer before jumping into high release from the start. On hard substrates you may see no discernable difference.



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